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Our Story. Our Family. Our Community.



We are Jacob & Elizabeth Ziegler and are the owners and faces behind The Elixir Juice Company! We started our business in 2019 because we wanted something delicious, we wanted something healthy, we wanted it for ourselves, our family & our hometown, so we created...


Elixir Juice Company! Elixir's base is Fresh, Organic, Local. Our fresh cold-pressed juice is for EVERYONE! No matter what age, or where you are in life. Your happiness is a reflection of your health.

Having 3 children we see now more then ever the importance of fresh organic products for your health and really noticed the lack of them in our community. The biggest misconception about cold pressed juice is that you only drink it to lose weight. While a juice cleanse can aid in weight loss, many of our clients enjoy cold pressed juices for the extreme nutritional value juice has for your body.

All of our kids drink our juice daily, not only does it provide them with awesome nutritional benefits but provides an organic way to increase their vegetable intake without them even noticing it. We also have many clients who drink the juices based on their doctor's recommendation. Juicing has an abundance of health benefits!

Pressed with Love,

The Zieglers

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